Transforming video into actionable intelligence

January 8, 2022 | News

Video content analytics that enable the rapid review of video footage to locate people, vehicles, and objects, is transforming video into actionable intelligence to improve situational awareness and strengthen the protection of people and assets.

The challenge with traditional video surveillance solutions is that the ability to monitor and comprehend the amount of video is overwhelming. We are limited by resources to monitor the video and the time that it takes to review footage. The adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables the rapid review of hours of video to locate a specific person or vehicle of interest by selecting a physical description, uploading a photo, or finding an image within video footage.

The rapid review of video footage to locate people, vehicles, and objects is improving response times by quickly analysing data across multiple cameras and improves the investigation of incidents by identifying relevant footage with reduced resources.

Companies such as Avigilon and Ava have incorporated rapid review technology into their video surveillance solutions; whilst other leading video management companies such as Milestone, Genetec, and Geutebruck have integrated with partners such as Briefcam to provide the capability.

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