The latest evolution in renewable energy to power your security needs

January 27, 2021 | Education

Valen Energy recently presented the Powerstack Platform to the team at Payce Security Group. The Powerstack uses vertical solar panels that can be stacked to create as much power as you need in a bollard or pole. We were excited by the modular design that can incorporate all types of security devices to provide a customised solution –video surveillance cameras, smart sensors, and help points connected to a point to point network or 4/5G communication.

We asked Valen Energy, “How much power can it generate and store for a standalone light pole with a video surveillance camera?” They confirmed “The Powerstack can offer around 35W continuous load with a 5 day battery backup, even in the depths of winter.” This is a huge increase in power generation and storage over a traditional solar panel mounted to a pole. Valen Energy attribute the difference to the vertical design which has solar panels on all sides.

The Powerstack is manufactured and assembled in Australia. It has an elegant design that will suit all of our customers – councils, universities, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, critical infrastructure sites, and commercial buildings.

The cost of the Powerstack is really dependent on the size of the pole, the number of solar panels and the type of security devices. However, the value comes from eliminating underground cabling to provide power to the pole and security devices. It really is the latest evolution in renewable energy.

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