Smart Sensors

November 10, 2021 | News

IPVideo have released a new smart sensor, the Halo 2C, to provide real time indication of the risk for spread of airborne infectious disease in a building.

Halo smart sensors have traditionally been used in the education sector around the world to enhance security by providing vaping and THC detection, chemical and gas detection, gunshot detection, and aggression and keyword detection. Halo smart sensors provide email alerts and are integrated in a range of video management systems such as Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Wisenet Wave for improved situation awareness.

The new Halo 2C sensor provides air quality monitoring combined with BACnet integration to building management systems. The smart sensors take fast and frequent readings of carbon dioxide, particular matter, humidity, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen dioxide, and analyses the data against a health index to enable changes to air quality reducing airborne illness, respiratory illness, and preventing drowsiness.

Halo Cloud aggregates data from multiple smart sensors to enable centralised management of the sensors and reporting to provide meaningful data-driven dashboards and insights across multiple facilities.

The Halo smart sensors bring together health, safety with security into one device to create smarter security and safer places.

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