Security technology trends for 2021

January 17, 2021 | News

2020 was unpredictable with many disrupting factors to our everyday way of life. Many of these have shaped the trends for 2021. See below a few changes:

  • As businesses consider how employees return to work in 2021 many are using their security systems to prevent employees accessing the workplace unless they complete health screening questions. Major security manufacturers are making changes to the security systems to meet these requirements – #Gallagher, #Inner Range, #Lenel
  • Facial recognition technology has continued to have challenges with the increase use of people wearing face masks; however, there has been an increase in demand for other analytics such as people counting to manage occupancy in spaces.
  • General awareness around infection control has led to an increase in queries regarding touchless entry access control; however, this has not resulted in a significant shift in demand for such products.
  • COVID has forced many companies to investigate innovative ways to be more agile with more remote workers and less office space. ¬†Over the next 1-2 years we expect to see companies consider all services that can be cloud based instead of traditional on-site servers.

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