How to reduce unnecessary cost when procuring new security systems

January 17, 2021 | News

If you are responsible for the procurement of security systems across your facility, or develop security specifications and guidelines, then we have put together a few tips to help you reduce unnecessary cost and get the best value for money.

Get the best price for your products

If you have a specific or preferred product for your facilities then request project pricing from the manufacturer before listing in your specification or design guideline. This ensures that the manufacturer passes on a reduced price for nominating their products. Alternatively, if you are open to equivalent products ensure this is clear in the specification or design guideline. This enables the Security Integrator to select the best product at the best price whilst complying with the specification.

Don’t assume you need high level integration of your security systems

High level integration often attracts a license fee and programming costs. High level integration is important when the operational requirement is for a unified single system that is continuously monitored. If you only access your security systems on an adhoc basis then it is more likely you don’t need the systems integrated.

Carefully consider the requirements for spare capacity

Spare capacity should be carefully considered and customised for your future requirements. Applying an arbitrary percentage for spare capacity across the security systems is likely to increase costs unnecessarily. A good place to start is to ensure that any servers have capacity for future requirements. Most other hardware is scalable in cost and doesn’t need additional capacity at the time of installation.

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