Growing popularity of video software as a service

January 1, 2022 | News

Video software as a service (VSaaS) is growing in popularity with the rise in demand for real-time and remote access for surveillance and increasing approval of cloud-based services by enterprises.

VSaaS offers several advantages over traditional systems including:

  • A lower cost of investment by removing the expense of purchasing servers, hard drives, and camera licenses
  • Reduced IT workload by simplifying network design and management
  • Increased resilience and prevention of downtime
  • Improved remote connectivity and simplified methods of sharing video footage.

Security and privacy remain the biggest obstacles in customers choosing VSaaS. However, they are less susceptible to cybersecurity vulnerabilities than traditional systems with encryption at rest and transit, automatic software updates and patches, and VSaaS providers with dedicated cybersecurity teams to monitor new vulnerabilities.

The future benefits of VSaaS will continue to grow with the advancement of artificial intelligence being incorporated into software releases, and introduction of 5G technology and high-speed internet.

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