Enhancing high security capabilities

November 17, 2021 | Education

Payce Security Group is strengthening our capability to provide and support high security solutions with training in Gallagher class 5 intruder alarms.

High security solutions are used to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive sites including government, defence, corrections, financial institutions, and data centres. Safeguarding people, property, and information from physical and cyber-attacks requires a higher level of security offered by class 5 alarms. Class 5 alarms provide higher security by using active end of line modules, higher level authentication to disarm, more frequent polling to monitoring stations, stringent battery backup and recharge requirements, as well a more secure cabinet.

Gallagher’s certified class 5 alarm system is fully encrypted and can protect high-value assets from physical security threats. Thanks to Gallagher for providing this specialised training to our team.

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