Monash University reaps the rewards of automation

December 10, 2021 | News

With more than 86,00 students and 9,000 staff, Monash University is a vibrant community creating global influence through world-class education and research. Embracing the opportunity to evolve security system capability, the University commissioned PAYCE Security Group (PSG) to install a full university-wide control upgrade across all campuses in Australia and Malaysia.

The system was upgraded from Tecom Challenger to Inner Range’s Infiniti access control and intruder alarm system across 4,832 doors, 196 buildings, 7 campuses and 2 countries.

A key challenge involved exporting data from a legacy system, with bespoke software created to migrate 90,000 user permissions. Remarkably, the system design was successfully completed within four weeks by our in-house Solutions Engineer, ensuring a seamless migration of all user groups and access groups.

Saving time and money

One of the key outcomes is that students are automatically enrolled by course code via the access control system. Previously, this took 2-3 minutes per student to complete manually by the university. With 30,000 new enrolments each year, this was a time-consuming process and required 24 hour shifts to complete. Automating the process has inevitably saved the university time and money while mitigating human error.

Overcoming COVID and distance

COVID-19 impacted the approach to mobilising technicians on site, so we responded by creating smaller work teams to adhere to health guidelines. A dedicated team in a central location oversaw pre-configuration of system panels to support an in-house ‘click and collect’ style warehouse. The procurement strategy also minimised the disruption of shipping delays. With international travel to Malaysia impacted, our team performed the upgrade remotely and sourced a local Malaysian business to carry out works onsite.

Work was conducted in a live multi-site operational environment consisting of heritage and modern buildings. Without disrupting the operational university, the project was successfully completed in nine months, ahead of time.



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